Filmmusic Programming – MEPRO provides tailored programs to create exciting filmmusic-concerts.

We also cooperate with orchestras, conductors and arrangers. Ask us for hiring specific requested filmscores.

Themes and orchestra-suites:

A Beautiful Mind / J. Horner
Across The Stars / from Star Wars / J. Williams
A.I. – Artificial Intelligence / J. Williams
Alice in Wonderland / D. Elfman
Alien Suite (incl. the theme from Alien Covenant) / J. Goldsmith, J. Horner, J. Kurzel
Angels and Demons / H. Zimmer
Amarcord / Theme / N. Rota
Apollo 13 – Suite / J. Horner
Avatar-Suite / J. Horner
Back To The Future / Main Title / Alan Silvestri
Batman / The Dark Knight Suite / H. Zimmer, J. N. Howard
Beauty And The Beast / Medley / A. Menken, M. Kosarin
Ben Hur / Parade of the Charioteers / N. Rosza
Braveheart / J. Horner
Captain America / March / A. Silvestri
Captain America Suite / A. Silvestri
Captain Marvel Suite / P. Toprak
Casablanca / Suite / M. Steiner
Cinema Paradiso / Theme and Love Theme / A. and E. Morricone
Contact / Main Theme / A. Silvestri
Dances With Wolves – John Dunbar Theme / J. Barry
Da Vinci Code – Chevaliers de Sangreal / H. Zimmer
Death Becomes Her / Theme / A. Silvestri
E.T. Suite / J. Williams
Eight And A Half (8 1/2) / Passerella d’ addio / N. Rota
Father Of The Bride / Main Theme / A. Silvestri
Forrest Gump / Suite / A. Silvestri
Game Of Thrones Suite / R. Djawadi
Gattica Suite / M. Nyman
Gladiator Suite (with the song NOW WE ARE FREE) / H. Zimmer
Godfather / Suite / N. Rota
Gone With The Wind / Suite / M. Steiner
Harry Potter Medley / Wonderous World, Herwigs Theme / J. Williams
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire / Harry in Winter, Hogwarts Hymn/ P. Doyle
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows / Suite / A. Desplat
Hook / Flight to Neverland / J. Williams
How To Train Your Dragon Suite / J. Powell
Il Postino / Suite / L. Bacalov
Il Gattopardo (The Leopard) / Suite / N. Rota
Inception / Suite / H. Zimmer
Independence Day Suite / D. Arnold
Indiana Jones – Raiders Of The Lost Ark / The Raiders’ March / J. Williams
Interstellar / H. Zimmer
Iron Man Suite / R. Djawadi
James Bond Medley / J. Barry
incl. Main Theme / From Russia with Love / Thunderball / You Only Live Twice / Goldfinger / Diamonds Are Forever
James Bond – Casino Royal Suite / D. Arnold
James Bond Song – Adele / Skyfall
James Bond Song – Tina Turner / Goldeneye
James Bond Song – Shirley Bassey / Diamonds Are Forever
James Bond Song – For Your Eyes Only
James Bond Song – From Russia With Love
James Bond Song – Goldfinger
James Bond Song – Licence To Kill
James Bond Song – Moonraker
James Bond Song – All Time High
James Bond Song – Writing’s on the Wall
James Bond – The Living Daylight Suite
James Bond Song – The World Is Not Enough
James Bond Song – Thunderball
James Bond Song – Tomorrow Never Dies
James Bond Song – You Only Live Twice
James Bond Song – We Have All The Time In The World
Judge Dredd / Theme / A. Silvestri
Jurassic Park / Main Theme / J. Williams
La Dolce Vita / Suite / N. Rota
La Strada / Suite / N. Rota
La Vita é Bella / Suite / N. Piovani
Lawrence of Arabia / M. Jarre
Legends Of The Fall / J. Horner
Lord of the Rings – Suite / H. Shore
Love Actually – Suite / C. Armstrong
Maléna / Suite / N. Rota
Marvel Studio Fanfare / M. Giacchino
Mission impossible / Theme / L. Shifrin
Once upon a time in the West / Theme / E. Morricone
Once upon a time in America / Deborah’s Theme / E. Morricone
Out Of Africa / Theme / John Barry
Pirates of the Caribbean / Suite / H. Zimmer, K. Badelt
Pretty Woman / Theme / J. N. Howard
Robin Hood – Prince Of Thieves / Ouverture / M. Kamen
Romeo and Juliet / Love Theme (A Time for Us) / N. Rota
Rush / H. Zimmer
Sabrina / J. Williams
Sign / Theme / A. Silvestri
Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite / M. Giacchino
Spiderman Theme / D. Elfman
Superman March / J. Williams
Superman Returns Suite / J. Ottman & J. Williams
Star Trek / Suite / A. Courage, M. Giacchino, J. Goldsmith, L. Rosenman, J. Horner
STAR TREK / new extended Suite / A. Courage, M. Giacchino, J. Goldsmith, L. Rosenman, C. Eidelman, J. Horner
Star Trek / First Contact / J. Goldsmith
Star Wars Suite / J. Williams
incl. Main Title, Princess Leia’s Theme, The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme), Yoda’s Theme, Throne Room & End Title
Star Wars Suite – EXTENDED SUITE / J. Williams
incl. Main Title, Anakins Theme and Love Theme, Duel of the Fates, Luke and Leia, The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme), Yoda’s Theme, Finale, Reys Theme, Throne Room & End Title
Superman March / J. Williams
The Amazing Spiderman End Titles / J. Horner
The Avengers / Theme / A. Silvestri
The Chronicles of Narnia / Suite / H. Gregson-Williams
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button / A. Desplat
The Da Vinci Code / H. Zimmer
The Forest Battle / Star Wars / J. Williams
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Ecstasy Of Gold / E. Morricone
The Little Prince / H. Zimmer
The Martian – Crossing Mars / H. Gregson-Williams
The Mission / Suite / E. Morricone
The Pink Panther Theme / H. Mancini
The Untouchables / E. Morricone
Thor-Suite / P. Doyle
Titanic –Suite / J. Horner (incl. the song „My heart will go on“)
Van Helsing / Theme / A. Silvestri
Wonder Woman Suite / R. Gregson-Williams
X-Men Suite / J. Ottman

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