In order for us to check if and how your rental-request can be processed and granted, please provide us the following informations:

  • a list of works/titles of the requested music
  • number of performances
  • venue(s)
  • performance date(s) & time(s)
  • date material required
  • name of orchestra & conductor
  • payment method (wire transfer or credit card)
  • address for the rental-agreement
  • VAT number (if EU member – please note: if you are from an EU member state and can’t provide a VAT number, we have to add value added tax to the agreed fee)
  • contact person (name, telephone-number, email)

Please note that we will need a minimum of 2 weeks to check if the requested music can be rented through us and within your territory. Let us know if your request is urgent or needs special adaptations from our side. If your request can not be processed through us, we will provide you the contact of the respective publisher/license-owner or filmstudio.