Romantic Movie Soundtracks

Romantic Movies in Concert

Looking for the ultimate Valentines Day Concert-experience? We created a program with the most romantic film-scores from the Golden Age of Hollywood until the most recent romantic blockbusters.

With the scores and suites of Max Steiner in the all-time-classics GONE WITH THE WIND and CASABLANCA, including also “As Time Goes By”, a jazz song written by Herman Hupfeld and featured in the film.

Who didn’t have tears in their eyes when Meryl Streep in OUT OF AFRICA found out that the love of her life died in an accident and will never return? John Barry composed an unforgettable score to this music – also with a little help of Mozart.

Ennio and Andrea Morricone composed the music for CINEMA PARADISO, which not only reflects Salvatore’s love for his adored Elena, but also his love for cinema and his affection for his friend and projectionist Alfredo, with whom he spent his childhood and youth.

Hollywood traditionally delights us with romantic comedies at Christmas time, the music of which sometimes stays in our minds and hearts forever. This definitely includes the soundtracks of Craig Armstrong for LOVE ACTUALLY and of Hans Zimmer for THE HOLIDAY.

One of the greatest romantic tragedies in Cinema is undoubtedly TITANIC with the legendary score by James Horner. We tell the story condensed into an orchestral suite, no less thrilling and heartbreaking than the story itself.

The concert also features music from PRETTY WOMAN, NOTTING HILL, ATONEMENT, CHOCOLAT, LA LA LAND and MEET JOE BLACK and can be combined with some love songs from movies.