The Lion King Orchestra Suite
Hans Zimmer

The orchestra suite for The Lion King highlights Zimmer’s iconic underscoring for the original 1994 film. From Mufasa’s death to Simba taking over the pride and more, this rental-suite has it all. The exciting twists and turns, the added vocal lines and the extensive percussion section add to the sheer drama of the work.

Mepro Music rents and organizes material to this filmmusic scores, including the orchestra scores and parts.

Duration: 9.00
Instrumentation: 2 Fl (1. a. Panflute, 2. a. Recorder + Picc), 2 Ob (2. a. Eh), 2 Cl + 1 BCl, 2 Bsn // 4 Hrn, 3 Tpt, 3 Tbn, 1 Tba //  Timp + 4 Perc // Drum Set, E-Guitar, E-Bass, Synth, Hp // Strings // Chorus SATB (opt.)

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