The Omen Suite / J. Goldsmith

Goldsmith sought to create a satanic version of the traditional Gregorian chant. He collaborated with the London choirmaster of the orchestra that was helping him. His vision was to create a Black Mass, inverting Latin phrases from the traditional Latin Mass. Goldsmith relates that the choir-master was an expert in Latin assisted him create the chant’s lyrics – Sanguis bebimus/Corpus edimus/Rode corpus Satani/ Ave, ave, versus christus/Ave Satani – which translates as “we drink the blood, we eat the body, consume the body of Satan, Hail Antichrist, Hail Satan!”


Duration: 5.30

2 Flutes (also Picc.)
2 Oboes
2 Clarinets in Bb + Bass Cl.
2 Bassoons

4 Horns
3 Trumpets
3 Trombones

4 Percussions

Organ (Synth.)

Chorus (SATB)


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