Game of Thrones – Suite / R. Djawadi

Rent the orchestra score and parts of Game of Thrones Suite – Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV series of all time. Next to the story, the fantastic music made GOT a show worth watching.
In this Orchestra Suite we present you all the main Game of Thrones themes.

Duration: 8.30′

2 Flutes (also Alto Fl./Picc.)
2 Oboes (also E.H.)
2 Clarinets in Bb + Bass Cl.
2 Bassoons + C. Bsn.

4 Horns in F
3 Trumpets in Bb
3 Trombones

5 Percussions

2 Synthesizers

Chorus (opt.)


Themes in the Suite:
00:00 – 01:41 Main Title
01:41 – 03:13 A Lannister Always Pays His Debts
03:13 – 04:50 Dracarys
04:50 – 05.34 Hardhome Pt.2
05.34 – 06:18 Hold The Door
06:18 – 08:30 A Song Of Ice And Fire

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