Rush – Lost but won / H. Zimmer

“Lost but won” is quintessential Zimmer. That lyrical main theme for cello returns, then the guitars and the brass. When the brass comes back in, and Zimmer shifts the underlying chords a little, the theme sounds nothing short of heroic.

Rush showcases Zimmer at his best, adapting his style sonically for an era it is perfectly suited for. Rush is a must-have for fans of the composer, showcasing a truly hopeful and uplifting guitar motif, some of Zimmer’s best action music in recent memory, and a noble brass theme all presented in a classic and accurate period context.

The orchestral score of “Lost but Won” is chilling in it’s gravity and nobility.

Duration: 6.20
Instrumentation: 2 Fl, 2 Ob (2. a. Eh), 2 Cl + 1 BCl, 2 Bsn // 4 Hrn, 3 Tpt, 3 Tbn, 1 Tba // Timp + 5 Perc // E-Guitar, E-Bass, Hp, 2 Synth // Strings // Violin Solo (amplified), Violoncello Solo (amplified)