The Little Prince – Escape
Richard Harvey and Hans Zimmer

Our orchestral rental score of ‘Escape’ is a standout piece, utilising fragments of the earlier ‘Equation’ and allowing the music to really soar on the back of the string and woodwind section; when embellished with a host of snare drums and bells.

“Magical French-tinged score” Independent, “most wondrous soundtracks for an animation film” Weekend Warrior,“jazzy period score” New York Times, “enchanting” Film Journal International, “lush score” “an enchanting and emotional journey…The two composers are really masters of their craft” Film.Music.Media. “solid, beautiful, majestic” Amazon

There is nothing abrasive or aggressive in the music. There is nothing epic or grandiose. The score Richard Harvey and Hans Zimmer wrote for “Le petit prince” is intimate and low scale. It feels contained in the small world of a child, a world that obviously to him looks big and exciting.

“The visual style faithfully renders the illustrated forms of its characters, and the accompanying score by Richard Harvey and Oscar winner Hans Zimmer perfectly complements the thoughtful sense of wonder that underscores the story.”

“Most notably, the score, co-composed by Hans Zimmer and Richard Harvey, is a lyrical, lovely piece of work. It carries the viewer along, fluidly tying together the worlds of “The Little Prince” (both the girl’s and the story of the prince).”

“The music from Hans Zimmer and Richard Harvey is ethereal — at times so perfectly low-key it’s as if it’s part of a dream.” Chicago Sun-Times

Duration: 3.20
Instrumentation: 2 Fl (2. a. Picc), 2 Ob (2. a. Eh), 2 Cl + 1 BCl, 2 Bsn // 4 Hrn, 3 Tpt, 2 Tbn + 1 BTbn, 1 Tba // Timp + 5 Perc // Hp, 2 Synth // Strings // Vocal Solo (amplified)