Forty-seven years after her death, Edith Piaf is soundtracking the biggest, darkest, most bombastic blockbuster of the summer. Composer Hans Zimmer has revealed that Inception’s entire soundtrack, from the booming trombone theme to the strains of rising dread, originates from one of the chanteuse’s most famous songs.

Anyone who has seen Christopher Nolan’s movie will recall Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien, the song used to signal a “kick” to another reality. But Piaf’s famous ballad does not just permeate Inception as a sample – it’s in the soundtrack’s DNA.

Our orchestral suite includes the most popular tracks from this movie – TIME and DREAM IS COLLAPSING.

Duration: 8’
Instrumentation: 4 Hrn, 4 T.Tbn (5.+6. ad lib.), 4B.Tbn (5.+6. ad lib.), 2 Tba // 1 Timp, 3 Perc (4. ad lib.) // 1 E-Guitar, 1 E-Bass, 1 Pno, 1 Synth // Strings

Excerpt from the suite: